JUNE 16-17 2022, ICC SYDNEY

Diana Williams

Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs & Fernwood Fusion

Founder and Managing Director

In the 33 years since Diana Williams opened her first Fernwood Fitness club in Bendigo in regional Victoria, she has built a veritable empire with 70+ clubs throughout Australia. Fernwood Fitness, Australia’s first women’s only club, has since become synonymous with Australian women’s health and fitness.

Fernwood grew out of Diana’s recognition that women needed a place of their own – a sanctuary where they could exercise and reach their health, fitness and wellbeing goals. Because of Diana's background in powerlifting, she recognised that most women didn't understand the physiological benefits of strength training and that women should be including strength training in their work outs rather than just aerobics and group fitness classes.

With two young children and no formal qualifications, Diana opened her first club with just $7,000 and second-hand equipment. What she lacked in physical resources, Diana made up for with a vision and dogged determination. She has been on a remarkable journey - from housewife and mother to becoming one of Australia’s most respected and successful businesswomen.

In 2022, Diana launched Fernwood Fusion, the latest innovation in women’s health; premium boutique fitness studios designed exclusively for women’s holistic health, fitness and wellbeing. The Fernwood Fusion model is complimentary to the traditional Fernwood Fitness model, as it increases consumer choice and availability, with a unique and uber competitive brand vision.