JUNE 16-17 2022, ICC SYDNEY

Emmett Williams



Emmett Williams has had the rare experience of working extensively throughout the fitness industry in multiple regions of the world, most recently returning to Australian shores after spending 10 years in the United States. Having built and owned gyms on one side of the ledger, to having owned and grown the international sales & marketing company CFM on the other side of the ledger, Emmett allocates most of his time as a founding partner in the wearable technology company, Myzone.

Emmett was in recent years awarded entry onto Fitness Australia’s prestigious ‘Roll of Honor’ for his excellence in leadership, whilst also accepting IHRSA’s ‘Supplier of the Year’ award on behalf of Myzone. Emmett currently sits on the board of IHRSA’s Industry Partner Council and is a board member of the Global Health and Fitness Alliance.