JUNE 16-17 2022, ICC SYDNEY

Fred Liberatore

Real Fit Personal Training

Studio Owner

Master Coach and Author Fred Liberatore of Realfit started researching the best and worst of weight loss over many years, and working with hundreds of clients as a personal trainer with over 4 decades in the fitness industry.

“I’m really passionate about helping my clients closing the gap in achieving weight loss and optimum health and incredible energy levels”

His philosophy has always been to train hard, no excuses and his own peak fitness is a reflection of that.

Fred understands the physical aspect of training and nutrition in the finest detail but also combines it with the mental edge he has discovered after years of studying the world’s top peak performance experts.

Fred’s goal for the FWA Show is to educate you and take a holistic approach to his ever popular and successful 12-week challenge.

I provide the systems, tools, and coaching flow for fitness professionals and business owners to grow their 12-week challenge and semi private group training business, so they can skyroacker there income and most importantly have the freedom to enjoy it.