JUNE 16-17 2022, ICC SYDNEY

Mathew James

Recovery Lab


Having founded Recovery Lab nearly 4 years ago, we have embarked on a national expansion campign. Currently with studios open in Windsor, Richmond (Vic), Townsville, Alderley, Bundall (Qld) and studios scheduled to open in WA, SA and OS we aree really excited to bring the best in recovery modalites and protocols to more like minded people.

We believe a proactive approach is key to effective recovery.

So, the Recovery Lab philosophy is ‘when you know more, you can do more’, meaning education, growth and development is at the heart of everything we

Our goal is for every client to understand the physical and mental mechanics of recovery. We want them to not only feel better, but also recognise how and why their performance and wellbeing can be improved and optimised.

Recovery Lab was built for the people, by the people, growing a community of like-minded people who were not only looking to improve their athletic or work performance, but also relieve physical and mental fatigue from sport, work or everyday life.