JUNE 16-17 2022, ICC SYDNEY

Phill Forostenko


Director & Physiotherapist

Phill Forostenko has a passion for injury prevention and rehabilitation. He holds a Bachelor degree in Sports Science, a bachelor in Exercise Physiology and a Masters of Physiotherapy. Phill has also owned and operated Queen Street Physiotherapy in the Brisbane CBD for the past 15 years. Phill's desire to to identify and prevent injuries before they happen, has lead him to develop a muscle recovery and self treatment device named Beartrap. Beartrap is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) as a "tool that emulates manual therapy techniques performed by Physiotherapists". Beartrap is also endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and has recently been awarded a $100k grant by the Queensland government.

The Beartrap is a revolutionary tool that puts the power of real physiotherapy techniques in your hands! Emulating manual therapy techniques used by therapists from around the world, Beartrap can get you training harder, recovering faster, and feeling better. Come and hear how you too can prevent injuries, saving you and your business money, time and stress.