JUNE 16-17 2022, ICC SYDNEY

Sam Waller

Stepz Fitness Group


The Stepz Fitness Franchisor, Samuel Waller, has a proven track record in successfully operating businesses in the health and fitness industry.

Mr Waller found his passion for fitness, after a Rugby Union accident nearly leaving him paralysed. He broke his back in 3 places, which led to obesity as a result of not being able to move freely. After recovering from his injury, he started rehab and overcame obesity. This life altering event created the strong desire to offer the amazing benefits of health and fitness to as many people possible. His lifelong mission was set, and he completed a Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness shortly after graduating high school in 2009.

In 2010 he started Personal Training at Stepz Fitness St Lucia. He developed a strong business acumen and became interested in the 24/7 business model. He was drawn to the model as it was easy to run, not capital intensive and only requires one full-time staff member (one of the largest business expenses).

In 2013, Sam become youngest Stepz Fitness Franchisee when he purchased Stepz Fitness St Lucia, his first gym, at 20 years old. As the Managing Director (of Sam Waller Fitness Pty Ltd), he took control of all aspects of the business operations, including the marketing, accounts, and payroll. In this business, he reached the industry defined membership capacity for the 183sqm site. He grew the business to 670 members within 2 years and has 5 personal trainers working for him. After achieving one of the fastest growths experienced in the Franchise, the Founders of Stepz Fitness took notice. They identified him as someone who could take the franchise forward. He was awarded the position of NSW Master Franchisee in 2015.

Mr Waller sold Stepz Fitness St Lucia to build the brand in NSW. Spotting a large gap in the broader gym market, he created the unique hybrid franchise model. In 2016, the first 24/7 gym and functional group training franchise was opened in Australia.

At the same time as running his businesses Mr Waller completed a Bachelor of Laws at Queensland University of Technology. After graduating and expanding the franchise in NSW, Mr Waller set the goal of becoming Franchisor and acquiring the Stepz Fitness Franchise.

In 2017, Sam took ownership of the national Stepz Fitness 24/7 franchise as Franchisor, taking his vision further, which included global expansion in the longer-term business outlook.

Under his leadership, the Stepz Fitness brand has grown to 16 locations across Qld and NSW. As Franchisor he has completed a brand evolution, improved overall club performance, increased monthly revenues and given the Franchisees more tools to better support success. As a result of these positive developments within the Franchise, expansion targets had been exceeded in the first half of the 2019 calendar year.

His medium-term vision is to open 10 – 100 well preforming businesses in key locations across every state in Australia.

Sam is a key ambassador for the fitness industry in Australia and has become a trusted Franchisor. He is a mentor at multiple fitness education colleges and his greatest achievement is the thousands of people he has help through business.